VS Factory Replica Panerai PAM 1118 Luminor Marina 44mm with Super Clone P.9010

  • Recently, a fresh addition has emerged in the market – a Panerai PAM replica produced by the VS factory, known as PAM 1118. This new Panerai timepiece hails from the Luminor Marina 44mm collection, making it an excellent choice for enthusiasts seeking a more compact and slim option compared to Panerai’s Submersible series. With the introduction of the PAM 1118, this timepiece boasts a range of new features worth exploring. Kindly peruse my article for further details.
  • The most distinctive feature setting replica Panerai PAM1118 apart from other Panerai models is its striking green appearance. While crafted with black forged carbon and complemented by a black nylon strap, this timepiece conceals an enchanting green hue. Both the dial and crown bridge showcase this captivating shade, which instantly captivates the beholder, even in broad daylight. Additionally, the crown bridge boasts an arc-shaped design, adorned with green superlume material along its edges, a unique characteristic not found in any other Panerai model.
  • Moving on, the case of the replica Panerai PAM 1118 is meticulously crafted with black forged carbon by the VS factory. They have made considerable efforts to reproduce the unique carbon textures, aiming to closely resemble the original design. Nevertheless, upon closer inspection, particularly when compared side by side with an authentic timepiece, slight disparities in the carbon texture can be discerned. This discrepancy has led some individuals to opt for a stainless steel Panerai instead.
  • The dial of the replica Panerai PAM 1118 is a luminous spectacle, with its vibrant green hue standing out even in daylight. However, its true brilliance is revealed in low-light conditions, where the green lume intensifies. Following Panerai’s tradition, the dial features a sandwiched structure. The bottom disc is adorned with green superlume material, while the “LUMINOR MARINA” and “PANERAI AUTOMATIC” markings are elegantly printed in white. This stark contrast against the black dial background creates a striking visual effect. Notably, these printings also emit a powerful green lume glow in dark environments, making this feature truly exceptional in the realm of replica Panerai watches.
  • The replica Panerai PAM 1118 timepiece is accompanied by a black nylon Velcro strap in the SportTech style. The straps feature white stitching that has been adorned with lume paint, resulting in a captivating green lume glow during nighttime wear. Additionally, the VS factory offers a complimentary pair of black leather straps. Powering this replica watches is a super clone P.9010 movement, meticulously developed in-house by the VS factory. Each component has been custom-made to replicate the original Panerai P.9010. The price point of this timepiece is quite reasonable, priced at under 400 USD, making it more affordable than most PAM models offered by the VS factory.

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