VS Factory Replica Panerai PAM 1074 Bronze Watch

The latest replica watch from VS Factory is creating quite a buzz. Both VS and APS have been actively introducing new models over the past few months, with VS Rolex watches gaining significant traction and surpassing the popularity of their Panerai counterparts. Today, I’d like to introduce the latest addition to their lineup: the PAM 1074, a bronze Panerai timepiece featuring a blue dial and matching leather strap. VS Factory’s first foray into bronze Panerai replicas was the PAM 382, released in 2018, which has enjoyed enduring popularity. While the PAM 382 boasts a 47mm diameter, the new PAM 1074 is a slightly smaller 42mm. Notably, in recent years, Panerai has predominantly focused on producing 42mm and 44mm Submersible watches, moving away from the 47mm size. However, many still regard the 47mm Submersible as the epitome of classic design.

While the PAM 1074 may not be to everyone’s taste, there are still many who appreciate its smaller 42mm size and unique blue dial. While it is true that the 47mm Submersible is a classic Panerai design, the brand has begun to explore new sizes and styles in recent years. As for the color of the dial, opinions will vary greatly. While some may prefer the green hue, others find the blue dial to be a refreshing change. Ultimately, personal taste plays a significant role in determining which watch is the best fit. While the success of future bronze Panerai models remains uncertain, it is important to keep an open mind and wait to see what innovative designs may emerge.

The PAM 1074 certainly offers some notable differences compared to its predecessor, the PAM 382. The solid brushed bronze case, measuring 14.3mm in thickness, provides a sleek and refined look while maintaining durability. The crown bridge design adds a touch of Panerai’s signature style. It’s worth mentioning that the bezel markers and metal stud are meticulously crafted, showcasing attention to detail. However, it is worth noting that the pearl at 12 o’clock may have a slightly more domed appearance compared to the genuine watch, which typically has a flatter top. One of the intriguing aspects of owning a bronze watch is its evolving patina over time, providing a unique and personalized aesthetic as the case ages. This characteristic adds an element of enjoyment for the wearer.

The PAM 1074 features a cohesive design with its dark blue dial and matching leather band. The addition of a subdial at 9 o’clock, hosting the small second hand, adds a touch of functionality to the watch. Despite containing three layers, the leather band remains soft and comfortable to wear. The crystal back of the watch is engraved along the rim, allowing for a glimpse of the super clone P.900 movement through the central crystal. In the replica market, this movement is considered the best clone of the P.900. The movement plate’s decoration is highly accurate, although it is worth noting that the balance wheel is positioned at 7 o’clock, whereas the genuine watch places it at 6 o’clock. As a bonus, VS factory includes a complimentary pair of blue rubber bands with the purchase of the watch.

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