Replica Rolex Daytona 116508 Yellow Gold Green from Clean Factory

The yellow gold Daytona with its stunning green dial has gained immense popularity. Many consider the green dial to be the perfect complement to the yellow gold tone. Previously, BT factory had introduced a replica of the aaa Daytona, which was considered the best super clone rolex. However, just a few days ago, Clean factory made an exciting announcement regarding their own version of the yellow gold green Daytona. This new offering from Clean factory is not only comparable to the one from BT factory but is claimed to be even better. It’s worth noting that I wasn’t fond of golden Rolexes in the past, but the yellow gold tone on the Daytona has truly won me over. Clean factory now offers a variety of golden Daytona models with stainless steel bracelets or rubber bands.

The UK best replica watch is completely coated in yellow gold and features a brushed finish with polished middle links on the bracelet. The replica, which is a super clone, has a case that is exactly replicated from the original, matching in size and thickness. In fact, the case part of the replica can even be used on a genuine watch, which is why franken watches often opt for super clone watches. The tachymeter scales on the golden bezel have a black coating, and each letter and number has the same thickness as the genuine watch. The chrono buttons and crown operate in the same way as the genuine watch, with the chrono buttons having screws to lock them. It is advisable not to use the chrono buttons too frequently when using the replica watch. Additionally, the replica watch has good water resistance, except for Richard Mille models.

The green dial of the replica Daytona watch is truly stunning. It features a unique shade of green that is not overly vibrant, giving it a sophisticated and high-quality appearance. The red “DAYTONA” lettering and the red circle inside each small dial add a striking contrast to the overall green-black dial.When comparing the Daytona watches from different factories, the ones from Clean factory stand out in terms of accuracy. The three small hands on these watches, both in length and shape, closely resemble those of the genuine watch. The small seconds hand is located on the subdial at 6 o’clock, while the other two small dials serve as minute-chronograph and hour-chronograph displays. These functions are faithfully replicated on the dial, just like the genuine watch.

The movement utilized in this watch is the super clone 4130, which is currently exclusive to three watch manufacturers: New Noob, BT, and Clean. If any other factories claim to have the Daytona watch equipped with the 4130 movement, it is likely not true. Only the Daytona watches produced by these three factories with the super clone 4130 movement will have the same case thickness as the genuine ones. Apart from the green Daytona model mentioned, Clean factory also offers four yellow gold Daytona models with a stainless steel bracelet.

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